Improving Communications for Mendocino County
Mendocino County and Fiber Internet

Last year Gov. Newsom signed legislation to expand the state’s broadband fiber infrastructure. The state’s middle mile initiative along with the Federal Last Mile Funding Account will expand fiber internet deep into Mendocino county. You can view the current Middle Mile Network Design planned for implementation in 2024. Before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is Advice Letter 49081A which commits AT&T to bringing 252 fiber internet connections to Comptche. The Comptche Broadband Committee (CBC) is working hard to ensure the Advice Letter's implementation, so that Comptche can enjoy the same fast and reliable internet as the rest of the modern world.

On Jan 12th, 2023 the California Public Utilities Commission approved Advice Letter 49018A bringing full Fiber broadband to Comptche. This starts the clock obligating AT&T to replace Comptche's copper network with a modern fiber-to-the-home broadband network within two years.

The Comptche Broadband Committee will work with AT&T to ensure timely and quality implementation of this network. We also want to thank all of those who helped provide letters and public comments, and whose donations made it all possible.

You can read the resolution approved by the CPUC and the Advice Letter that requires AT&T to bring fiber to the home for Comptche.

About the Comptche Broadband Committee

The Comptche Broadband Committee (CBC) was formed in 2007 by Randy MacDonald and Belinda Pollack to bring DSL to Comptche. Since then, CBC has been a tireless watchdog of all of our telecommunications providers and promoter of choice in Comptche’s digital communication market.

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You can reach the Comptche Broadband Committee (CBC) by emailing or mailing us at:

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